About Me

First, a confession: I would rather eat dessert than a more traditional meal.  
It all began when I was a child.  My grandpa was an advocate of eating cookies and coffee for breakfast (his favorite was pizzelles, an anise flavored Italian cookie).  Over the years I spent many happy days cooking with my grandma and baking with my grandpa and some of my happiest childhood memories revolved around meals we shared together.  
My love of food prompted me to work in the restaurant industry for over 12 years.  I've been lucky enough to work with several chefs who have been patient enough to answer my constant questions as well as give me tips to become a better cook.  I try to take note of flavors and techniques they use when creating dishes as well as visit as many local restaurants as possible to discover new ideas to incorporate into my own dishes.     
Over the years, I've collected many recipes from family, friends, chefs, cookbooks, and magazines and created a binder full of new dishes I want to try out.  Because of the local college's budget constraints, my beloved photography classes are scarce so I am using this time to teach myself food photography.  Cooking and photography, two of my favorite pastimes all rolled into one blog! 
All of the photos are my own and I prefer to keep them as natural as possible, never altering the food, utilizing natural light, and doing very minimal editing in Photoshop.  

Not Just Sweets is my love letter to food and photography and a chronicle of my culinary adventures in and out of my kitchen.

To see more of my photography, please visit www.rachelcandelaria.com.